Ximena Escobar de Nogales

My career now spans over 25 years across the public, private and non-profit sectors. Trained as an economist (Universidad de los Andes, Bogota Colombia and Georgetown University, Washington DC) with a masters in international trade and an MBA (Graduate Institute and University of Geneva), I am also interested in creative writing and story-telling. My skills and interests are in inclusive, sustainable socio-economic development, impact investing, strategic philanthropy, effective grant management and building bridges across all sorts of divides. I am passionate about supporting organizations to be more conscientious and strategic on their impact management: How they define it; How they seek to measure and enhance it and; How they communicate it. I co-authored a book on impact investing (Allman, K. and Escobar de Nogales, X, Impact Investment: A Practical Guide to Investment Process and Social Impact Analysis, Wiley, 2015). I speak Spanish, English, French and German. I have three adult children, and I have three nationalities (Colombian, Swiss and Spanish). I volunteer as a language teacher in prison.

Steven Antalics

In my career, I have been able to successfully use my diverse experiences in the humanities (I've also formally studied linguistics, film, and philosophy) with my more-technical training in engineering. While I have been working the last 13 years at various for-profit international corporations, I spent considerable time as an undergraduate raising money for the University of Michigan Solar Car Team. The annual budget was approximately $1,500,000, with nearly all of the donations coming from companies or private individuals. I've also done a variety of outreach events and interviews in order to raise money. I was the social media manager for the International Photography Club in the Hague for about a year, handling their website and other accounts. I've also designed a website professionally for the Biological Test Center in California. I have a degree in English literature, including a minor in  creative writing minor (split between poetry and long-form fiction writing). I've also taken a semester of teaching at university, during which I taught high-school students poetry (mostly Emily Dickinson). In addition to placing in a succession of poetry contests at university, my team also won 2nd place in a technical communication competition. I've also worked as a freelance journalist for the Holland Times, a monthly English-language news magazine. While at the Times, I also wrote one chapter each in 2 flash-fiction chapbooks which were published by a local press. 

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