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Travel Essay
Short Fiction
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www.pattimarxsen.net (my website)
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Editor-in-Chief: Offshoots 14

Helene Schweitzer: A Life of Her Own (Syrcause University Press, 2015)

Jacques Roumain: A Life of Resistance (Caribbean Studies Press, 2019)

Tales from the Heart of Haiti (Educa Vision, 2010)

Translated from the French:
-Riversong of the Rhone from Chant de Notre Rhône by C. F. Ramuz (Onesuch Press, 2015)

Passage of the Poet from Passage du Poète by C. F. Ramuz (Skolim Press, forthcoming 2019)

Albert Schweitzer’s Lambarene: A Legacy of Humanity for Our World Today from Coeur de Gazelle et Peau d’Hippopotame by Jo and Walter Munz (Penobscot Press, 2010)

Travel Essay Collections:
Rousseau’s Refuge and Other Essays Out of Switzerland (Kindle Edition, 2012)

Island Journeys: Exploring the Legacy of France (Alondra Press, 2008)
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